Gift of Sight · Gift of Hope/ 视觉的礼物 · 希望的礼物

两年前,参加了《新加坡全国眼科中心海报比赛》做的一张海报,题目是《Gift of Sight》/《视觉的礼物》。







运用黄色的点来呈现盲文字母,这些点拼凑出来的字母代表这《视觉的礼物 · 希望的礼物》。《希望的礼物》是我特地加上去的,我认为只要有希望,一定能看见曙光。

Brief explanation:

For this poster i started with a child asking his mother what is an elephant?
His mother patiently answering his questions.
I wanna catch the attention of the viewers, on how a blind child may curious to know.
Although they cant see but they can have lots of curious on what the world look like.
Which a lot of us are taking for granted on what we see everyday.

The reason why i choose an elephant is because although elephants are the largest land animals but,
they are very gentle and they live as a group. Just like us, living in this society together. Helping one another.

I use colorful color for the illustrations and typographies, because i want it to be more child-like.
To bring out the concept of GIFT and Hope and to show that with the donation they can see beautiful things around us.

The yellow dots represent braille alphabet — GIFT OF SIGHT and GIFT OF HOPE.
Using braille alphabet beside design, is to let more people to aware on how blind people read.

I added the word GIFT OF HOPE as i feel with hope there will be chance and future.
Chance to see and future to hope.

2nd Prize

Links to share:
Guidelines for SEB Poster Competion 2010
Singapore National Eye Centre/新加坡全国眼科中心
Helen Adams Keller/海倫·亞當斯·凱勒

One Response to “Gift of Sight · Gift of Hope/ 视觉的礼物 · 希望的礼物”
  1. 你猜。。。 says:

    A great concept beautifully told through the child-like world. Lovely! (^@@-)

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